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Curved Perspective
Absolute Distance
The Renaissance Search for Vivid Depth Representations

Chinese Perspective
Perspective Illusion
The Sphere of Vision
Chiaroscuro and Depth
Perspective Psychology
Renaissance Perspective
A Perspective Horopter
Space in 20th Century Art
Masolino’s Genius
Hockney’s Optical Hypothesis (6 items)
The Rules of Perspective

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Curved Perspective
Fig3B Curved Perspective

The Renaissance Search for Vivid Depth Representations

The Renaissance search for vivid depth representations, image

Chinese Perspective as a Rational System: Relationship to Panofsky’s Symbolic Form

Perspective as a Geometric Tool that Launched the Renaissance


A Horopter for Two-Point Perspective


Masolino, A Neglected Genius of Renaissance Perspective


Evaluations of Hockney’s Optical Hypothesis (5 items)