Recent Studies Updates


Eye centring in selfies posted on Instagram. PLoS ONE 14(7): e0218663. (with N Bruno and M Bertamini) PDF (also see interview here

Evidence that Leonardo da Vinci had strabismus. JAMA Ophthalmol. Jan 1;137(1):82-86, 2019.  PDF (also see links to article coverage.)

Points of contact between the Stappian philosophy and Emergent Aspect Dualism. Activitas Nervosa Superior, 81:1-6, 2019.  PDF


The emergent aspect dualism view of quantum physics: a new ontology to resolve the complementarity conundrum. J Res Phil Hist 1:166–182, 2018. PDF 

Development and validation of a new glaucoma screening test using temporally modulated flicker. 

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A Brücke-Bartley effect for contrast. Roy Soc Open Sci. 5:180171, 2018. eCollection 2018. (with Solomon JA) PDF

Rational approaches to correcting for multiple tests. Human Vision and Electronic Imaging (535) 1-8, 2018. PDF