Lewis Carroll and Pre-Raphaelite Women by Christopher Tyler at San Francisco Public Library


There is an extensive controversy as to whom Carroll’s ‘Alice’ illustrations were based on. Jeffrey Stern argues that it was Annie Miller, the poor redhead who became the model and lover of William Holman Hunt and other pre-Raphaelites. But there was a passel of other similar pre-Raphaelite redheads, including Christina Rossetti, to whom Carroll presented a copy of the tale, Alice Gray, whose family he photographed, Tryphena Foord, the probable model for Arthur Hughes’ painting of ‘The Lady of the Lilacs’ owned by Carroll, Elizabeth Siddal whom he met in Oxford, Fanny Cornforth and Jane Morris, the muses of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Ellen Terry, the model for a series of paintings including ‘Choosing’ by George Frederick Watts, a young actress who was lauded, loved and photographed by Carroll over at least a decade.