Human Symmetry Perception
and its Computational Analysis

CONTENTS (continued)
Theoretical Issues in Symmetry Analysis

Detection of bilateral symmetry using spatial filters
S.C. Dakin and R.J. Watt

Modelling symmetry detection with back-propagation networks
C. Latimer, W. Joung and C. Stevens

A network model for generating differential symmetry axes of shapes via receptive fields
M.A. Kurbat

On the generalization of symmetry relations in visual pattern classification
I. Rentschler, E. Barth, T. Caelli, C. Zetzsche and M. Juttner

A model for global symmetry detection in dense images
F. Labonte, Y. Shapira, P. Cohen and J. Faubert

Continuous symmetry: a model for human figural perception
H. Zabrodsky and D. Algom

Quantification of local symmetry: application to texture discrimination
Y. Bonneh, D. Reisfeld and Y. Yeshurun

A continuum of non-Gaussian self-similar image ensembles with white power spectra
J.S. Joseph and J.D. Victor

Symmetry as a depth cue
L.L. Kontsevich

Symmetric 3D objects are an easy case for 2D object recognition
T. Vetter and T. Poggio

Mirror symmetry and parallelism: two opposite rules for the identity transform in space perception and their unified treatment by the Great Circle Model
L. Matin and W. Li

The generalized cone in human spatial organization
J.R. Pani

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