Human Symmetry Perception
and its Computational Analysis

Table of Contents (continued)
Empirical Evaluation of Symmetry Perception

Detection of visual symmetries
J. Wagemans

The role of pattern outline in bilateral symmetry detection with briefly flashed dot patterns
P. Wenderoth

Detection and identification of mirror-image letter pairs in central and peripheral vision
K.E. Higgins, A. Arditi and K. Knoblauch

Evidence for the use of scene-based frames of reference in two-dimensional shape recognition
P.T. Quinlan

Independence of bilateral symmetry detection from a gravitational reference frame
G. Leone, M. Lipshits, J. McIntyre and V. Gurfinkel

Level of processing in the perception of symmetrical forms viewed from different angles
J.P. Szlyk, I. Rock and C.B. Fisher

Determinants of symmetry perception
S. Hong and M. Pavel

Mirror symmetry detection: predominance of second-order pattern processing throughout the visual field
C.W. Tyler and L. Hardage

Human discrimination of surface slant in fractal and related textured images
P.J. Passmore and A. Johnston


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