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The Morphonome® Image Psychophysics software package comes in a vanilla version (2.7.9) for static grayscale stimuli and an elaborated version (3.5), which has motion and color stimuli, staircase psychophysics, and the ability to save experimental conditions. There is also a new release, 4.0, that allows any TIFF file to be read in and displayed for measurement of psychophysical thresholds. Versions 3.1 and 4.0 are available for PowerPC Macs only (including Gx models). The LightMouse® is a calibrator box made at Smith-Kettlewell in conjunction with Dr. Norcia. Accurate calibration is required for Morphonome to provide meaningful psychophysical threshold data. The price includes all operating software.

A supplement of $20 is added for purchase by P.O. to encourage purchasers to minimize paperwork by using checks.

$ 100 Morphonome 2.7.9 (68K)

$ 100 Morphonome 2.7.9 (PowerPC)

$ 120 Both versions

$ 200 Morphonome 3.1 (PowerPC)

$ 200 Morphonome 3.5 (PowerPC)

$ 300 Morphonome 4.0 (Power PC, allows presentation of any monochrome 8-bit
EPS image file with a full range of contrast reduction)

$ 1200 LightMouse (4 week delivery time)

$ 100/week LightMouse loaner 

$ 20 Upgrade to 2.7.9 (68K)

$ 20 Upgrade to 2.7.9 (PowerPC)

$ 40 Upgrade to both

$ 100 from any Version 2 to Version 3.5

$ 100 from any Version 3 to Version 4.0

$ 200 from any Version 2 to Version 4.0

$ 20 Supplement on any quoted price required for purchase by P.O.


To order, send a letter specifying the version(s) you desire to

Christopher W. Tyler, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
2318 Fillmore Street,
San Francisco, CA 94115 USA

either including a check for the full amount of the order or including purchase order (including extra processing costs). All prices include postage and packing costs to any part of the world. Upgrades apply if you have any version previous to the one specified.

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